Hell Hath No Fury like a Man Scorned - Dividing Possessions After Divorce

Amongst the many things couples who are going through divorce often can't agree is how to split their possessions when they part ways.

A scorned husband recently decided that, in line with the principle that everything should be split 50/50, he would get his revenge by doing just that to the couples' sofas, cushions, wardrobes and the like. He sawed the items in half, labelling half of each one his as he went, causing over £5,000 of damage.

His behaviour landed him in the Crown Court where he received a two year supervision order for his frolics. A lesson for all those DIY lovers out there; taking matters into your own hands may land you with a criminal record and a hefty bill! Judges prefer you to let them make the decision if you can't reach agreement, rather than relying on self help.

Rebecca Stone